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This beautiful out and back hits some of the fantastic highlights of the famous Kokopelli Trail including the stunning flowy singletrack of the Western Rim. Runners will be challenged with an epic mesa climb, then rewarded with endless views.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


99.7 KM

Elevation Gain

2072 M+

Start Date

Saturday 12th April 2025

Race Start

Fruita CO, Mack Exit, Hawkeye Trailhead - 05:00

Max Allowed Race Time

20 Hours



Course Description

Course Description

The 100K course has all the benefits of the 50K plus it will take you out to the incredible Western Rim Loop. After doing a lap on the stunning Kokopelli Loops in the Mack Ridge area runners will follow the rugged Kokopelli Trail 4WD road to some of the most beautiful trails you will ever see.

Start: A nice warm up takes runners out one mile of gently rolling dirt road. A sharp left turn puts runners on the first single track of the day. Once on this section, it will be difficult to pass so find your place before you reach the singletrack. Large rocks and twists bring you to a high point where you will stay close to the edge and enjoy beautiful views before the rugged descent down the other side.

50K Out & Back: After leaving the Aid Station, 50K runners will head down the road to Rustler’s Loop. Traveling clockwise around the loop, this soft dirt trail winds its way through gently rolling hills and wide open fields. After completing the loop, you will need to check in at the Moore Fun aid station before heading out further on the course.

Moore Fun: A short downhill will bring you to a rugged jeep road. It will take you up a gentle climb and descent until it connects into the wide, flat and fast section of Mary’s Loop. Head right on Mary’s Loop, going through some fun technical terrain with amazing views of the Colorado River, to reach Pizza Overlook.

Pizza Overlook: Upon leaving the Aid Station, you will immediately begin descending quickly. A narrow trail and big drop offs will eventually open up as you begin following the rim in and out of the canyons. On an incredibly picturesque course, this section is generally considered the most beautiful.

Crossroads: After a short climb, the course passes some intersecting trails and makes a couple of sharp turns (pay attention to the course markings). This will lead to the undulating, remote section of the Troybuilt Trail. This is the longest section between Aid Stations so be sure to carry water with you. Keep an eye open for the turnoff from the 50K down to Salt Creek. After following the creek for a short distance, the climb up to the aid station is a true test of your grit.

Salt Creek: You will leave the aid station and take a frontage road all the way to the next aid station, Rabbit Valley. This undulating road is the closest you will be to civilization as you can see the highway to the right while admiring the amazing views to the left.

Rabbit Valley: Enjoy time with your crew and access to your drop bags at this aid station, it will be a while before you have access to either for a while. Traveling between rocky and sandy sections you will slowly climb to the Western Rim trail as you head further into the desert backcountry.

Western Rim: The views from this section are unmatched! The trail weaves in and out of the canyons above the Western Rim and the sights of the Colorado River are incredible. Appreciate this section because the climb off the rim will not be easy.

Rim Exit Water Drop: An unstaffed water station will help you complete the loop to return back to the Western Rim aid station. Western Rim: This section begins the journey back to the finish line.

Rabbit Valley: After visiting with crew and getting some warm food you will head back up the gravel road to the Salt Creek aid station.

Salt Creek: You were wishing this section wasn't uphill on the way out and you'll see that the downhill isn't easy either. After crossing the Salt Creek bridge again and getting back up the other side, you will take a left at the intersection. A fun descent through a wash will exit you off the Troybuilt trail and begin the last mile of gravel to the finish line.

Mandatory Gear

  • Cell phone
  • Running Vest/Running Belt
  • Water capacity of at least 32 oz
  • Bottle, flask, reusable cup
  • Jacket (wind/waterproof recommended)
  • Headlamp w/spare batteries- 200 lumens minimum
  • Backup headlamp batteries or power-pack
  • Space blanket/Safety Blanket (provided if needed)
Aid Station Chart

Aid Station Chart

Learn more about each Aid Station, elevation gain and loss, cut-off times, and where drop bags and crew are allowed on course